LeArt Oy - Durable, Constructed Environment

LeArt Oy is a socital company founded in 2004 by the ACCF Foundation, and its main focus lies in construction and sustainable development in said field.

LeArt Oy's competence in project management and construction is manifested in the PLUS 68 service developed by ACCF. The service is based on coordinating deterioration with renovation and repair construction, while also taking ecological, ethical, and technical-economic factors into consideration.

We offer our services to both Finnish and international customers.

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LeArt Oy's core competence lies in International project concepts.

LeArt Oy's core competence lies in international project concepts

Project management

Project development and research

Sustainable construction development

Comprehensive construction monitoring and environment - based construction monitoring

Why should  you choose LeArt Oy?



Our extensive, multidisciplinary experience is available for its clients. As our client, you can always rely on our professionalism, which has been honed by considerable time on the field.



Our international organization consists of highly trained professionals of their respective fields. Thus, our competence knows no borders.



Our wide network has a pool of experts from both practical and scientific fields. This partnership network allows seamless cooperation between professionals of several different disciplines.

Limited Number of Customers

LeArt Oy focuses on its core competency, and therefore we can only offer our services to a limited number of customers. We havve no desire to mass produce our services, and choose to instead tailor our services according to our customer's unique requirements. By limited the number of customers we are able to offer them personally tailored, high quality service concepts.

Construction Monitoring

Sustainability and Respoponsibility Go Hand in Hand.

Sustainable construction always takes the ecological, economical, and social environment into account.


Sustainable and responsible construction is a combination of low emissions, security, health, and longevity.


Sustainable construction is responsible construction.


LeArt  Oy acts as a navigator in the sea of responsible construction.

ACCF, Arto Carpus Castelo Foundation

ACCF, Arto Carpus Castelo Foundation sr aims to improve the improve the quality of life in Finland as well as developing countries of the Third World by supporting and developing self - reliance and entrepeneurship. ACCF is the sole shareholder of LeArt Oy. SiskaOrveli, an artist and a researcher, gives it fresh ethical, ecological, and aesthetic viewpoints (www.siskaorveli.fi ).

Contact Us and Ask for a Quote

Contact us and tell us about the project or endeavor that requires professional assistance - whether it is a wide, international concept of several individual projects, research, or construction monitoring and overseeing. We have worked with various customers and vastly different projects during our lenghty career. We are ready to give you an exellent quote for a tailored service.

LeArt Oy is at the vanguard of sustainable development - contact us and ask for a quote.

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